3:30 AM at Floater’s Cemetery

Game information

A parody-horror game 3:30 AM at Floater’s Cemetery is a story of a greedy mister named Krabs who values money above all. Actually, he wants to become rich so much that he doesn’t even care about his own life and safety. Overtaken by hisgoing for the gold, Krabs takes a dangerous walk through a creepy graveyard at late night. Someone told him that there are treasures hidden inside the old graves and he decides to worm them out no matter what. However, he doesn’t know about the spooky creatures that live at the cemetery. These are Hash Slinging Slasher and Old Man Jenkins and they are the living dead. The real monsters who are thirsty for blood and willing to catch and kill everyone who dares to take such a risky walk. They leave their shelter only at night and wander around the graveyard. Mister Krabs has a spade in his hands and greed for gain in his mind and chances are that he won’t be that successful in a battle against those monsters. Will you help him get the treasures and leave the graveyard alive? Play 3:30 AM at Floater’s Cemetery on our website for free and try to make Krabs’ adventure as safe as you can! Avoid monsters that will appear on your way, hide from the danger, and dig some jewelry out of the ground!

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