Baldi Unreal Engine Halloween

Game information

Baldi is back! Hope, you are done with your homework, because your crazy math teacher is about to check your knowledge. This time, you are welcome to enjoy a new mode of Baldi’s Education arranged for Halloween. You will have to gather the various items and notebooks again but get ready that everything will go terribly wrong because this is the only way things go at Baldi’s creepy school. Also, you will have to recollect your painful memories about the horrible place you are trapped in. What about your friends and classmates? They are gone and you will have to do your best to find out more about this. As in any other game in the series, you will have to do your best to escape from Baldi. Walk through the school corridors and enter the classrooms where you will find useful items and pumpkins full of candies. Every time you pick one, a math problem is displayed on a screen. Again, there is not correct answer to any of them and you are most likely to answer at your sweet will. When you make mistakes, Baldi appears to punish you. Do your best to run away as fast as you can or he will scare you to death. The Halloween version of the game features Baldi with a pumpkin on his head. So… Happy Halloween, guys!

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