Granny Second Chapter

Game information

Most of us feel adored and pleased when we see the old couples on the streets. They really are sweet – people that live their whole life together and stay warm and carrying when they are old and weak. However, we know a couple of old guys that won’t evoke any nice feelings in your chest. Instead, they will make your knees shiver from fear and your blood will become as cold as ice when you will see them. So behold – these are Granny and Grandpa, monstrous old lady and her husband. They are here to torture kids like you and they can never get enough of that. Another part of the game where you need to run away from the gloomy mansion where you are locked in is on the run. The problem is that running away from Granny has never been easy, but the task becomes a thousand times harder. Granny is not alone now – she has a partner, as you have already guessed, this is Grandpa. We don’t know, where he was before, but now Granny is not your only enemy – these demons will chase you in pair.
So what is waiting for you in the second chapter of a marvelous horror game? Of course, an escape mission is something that you need to implement. Your task is to leave the house, a dark and horrible one. There are numerous rooms out there and a small key is hidden somewhere in the depths of a house, so your aim is to find it. However, beware – the time is limited, there are only five nights for you to escape. The couple will try to prevent you from running away. Walk quietly and try not to make noises – Granny’s ears are still perfect, she hears everything. As for Grandpa, he doesn’t hear very well. Ears are not the strongest part of him, but he is strong and he hits hard. He will kick you heavily if you will fail to run away or hide timely. You are welcome to hide in the wardrobes, under the beds, and everywhere else you want. Just make sure that you do that fast. At a second you hear that Granny and/or Grandpa are moving here, make sure to hide right away, because they don’t need more than a couple of seconds to appear near you.

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