Little Misfortune

Game information

Children have rich imagination. Especially, lonely children. And especially girls! Sometimes, when a young child finds the reality too boring or dangerous to bear, he or she starts constructing his/her own world. It is not a rare thing when a child starts living in a fictional world. If you want to immerse yourself into the head of a young girl with incredibly bright fantasies, then the time has come to launch Little Misfortune, a great interactive adventure where you will take part in a fairy-tale. The story is full of interesting characters. Considering the fact that this is a girly world, these creatures are lovely and cute. At the same time, they are dubious and most of them are dark (and even dangerous).

The best thing about the game is that it is open for different options and outcomes. You are the one to make choices every time something happens. You can act like a small devil and do nasty things. However, be sure that karma is working and the consequences might be tough. Or not! Sometimes, your “bad” deeds will do “good” things. The variety of results is endless and in most cases, it is hard to predict them. What is more, it is not easy to decide whether there is 100% good or 100% bad actions. The game has that philosophical touch, but it is pretty light and clear, so don’t worry that the events will make you wrack your brains. Together with Ramires, the main character of the game, you will try to find an Eternal Happiness and give to your beloved mother. So the main task of yours is pretty kind and honorable. You will walk through the woods, travel around the tress, and discover thousands of strange things and mysteries. Be ready that troubles will wait for you around the corner, but don’t be afraid of the difficulties – stay courageous and remember about your important mission!

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