Slendrina Granny

Game information

We know grannies as quiet, kind creatures who need help crossing the road, carrying supermarket bags and making out what you’ve just said because most of them are hard of hearing. Not this one, though. She easily runs up long staircases, deftly handles a heavy baseball bate covered with her victim’s brains and hears everything that goes on in her house. This house is the prison you need to break out of. To do this, you have just five attempts. Start investigating the room you’re locked in to find a key and get out. Search for clues and collect items that will help you overcome the main obstacle – the front door. But keep in mind that Slendrina Granny is hanging nearby. If you make a lot of noise, she’ll come running for you. One ample swish – and you’re out. You’ll wake up in the same room where you started having to do everything from scratch. Only this time you’ll know where to look and what to look for. Will you be able to make it out of Granny’s house before she delivers her final strike? There is just one way – and five attempts – to find out!

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