Binding of Isaac Games

In Binding of Isaac, you will immerse yourself in the world of horrors and nightmares. The main hero is a boy who has to make his way to the deepest level of the basement to avoid death. On his path, he is going to meet plenty of monsters, including bosses on every floor, and also learn to use some of his super powers he didn’t even know about before!

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Basements and monsters

What to do if your mother has strange voices in her head, locks you in the room and takes away all the toys? The correct answer is to urgently find a hidden hatch into the basement and jump there before your mom burst into the room with a butcher’s cleaver. This is what the thoughtless, non-stop viewing of Christian talk shows on TV gets to. But it turns out that down there it’s even more dangerous because there are all kinds of demons waiting for our hero.

Each time Isaac descends into the basement, its structure is regenerated. Locations are different every time, with different monsters, bosses, bonuses and special rooms. Yes, in addition to the usual rooms stuffed with hostile creatures, there are also unusual ones. For example, a shop where collected coins can be exchanged for something useful like a first aid kit, bomb or level map showing secrets. And there is a hellish shop, where very useful items are usually sold, only you have to pay for them with your own blood. There is an armory, a casino, hidden locations with bonuses and a lot of else.

There is plenty of variety in special locations. And with the usual ones, things are even better, because they are inherently cages with monsters, and the game makers have designed more than enough of the latter, so each simple room is a small tactical puzzle. Each type of enemy has its own characteristics and each needs its own approach. Someone shoots, someone bites, and someone explodes after death, releasing the flies languishing inside. There are so many evil spirits that in one passage it is unlikely that you will be able to meet at least a third of all creatures.

Cry for your life!

However, our hero is not so simple either and, no matter how absurd it may sound, he fights against the creatures of darkness pouring tears over them. And various items and bonuses regularly help him in this. There is a phenomenal amount of loot in the game, and often the effect of the same thing is simply impossible to predict. There are, for example, pills that can both make a natural terminator out of a little boy, and practically kill him, fatally slowing down the speed of movement.

Items are divided into three classes: permanent bonuses, rechargeable by killing everyone, and disposable like the pills described above. Permanent bonuses tend to change the appearance of the hero in addition to increasing damage or running speed. As a result, by the end of the game, Isaac may look absolutely infernal. Joint he adventures of this brave fellow, help him deal with all the difficulties and challenges, defeat all the ugly demons living in the basement and learn how the whole story ends playing Binding of Isaac on our site!