Action Horror Games

We all love to be scared. We are attracted by the sense of danger and suspense, that tickling feeling when your life is hanging by a thread. And action horror games allow us to fully enjoy these emotions. They are designed specifically for fans of the genre who are bored with jumping between platforms or solving puzzles. If your life lacks adrenaline and you want to get a truly exciting experience, this category is exactly what you need!

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Dread, blood, action!

How does action horror games differ from other options in this genre? First of all, the dynamics of the gameplay and continuous movement. There is no slowly unfolding detective story and thoughtful digging in many details that will help you reveal some dark secret or get out of a haunted house. Everything happens very quickly, someone is constantly chasing you and you need to make decisions on the go, so as not to become a victim of terrible monsters. Here you will be helped by quick reaction and good stress resistance, because after panicking you can start to do stupid things or just freeze on the spot, and then you will be no far from turning into a cold corpse. No, you cannot afford to give in to fear. Your eyes should be wide open, your legs must confidently choose the path, and your hand should be firm to pull the trigger or insert a magic blade into your enemy when there is a convenient opportunity for this. Well, do you already feel goosebumps running on your skin? Then don’t put off the chance to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of horror and danger, quickly choose the game that you like, and go to meet all those terrible creatures that are hunting you!

Run for your life – or fight to the death!

The plots of action horror games can be very different. It all depends on your preferences and you can always choose a title to your taste among a huge variety of options. Popular motives for such games are zombies, mutants, demons, and other creatures that are aggressive and eager to stick their claws and fangs into you. But don’t worry, you will be well-armed for self-defense. The main thing is to aim accurately and shoot fast to put down as many enemies as possible before a wave of monsters covers you headlong. Games about maniacs are no less in demand. Your goal is to run away from a crazy killer who wants to dismember you into small pieces and add your organs to their bloody collection. Here you need to show much more dexterity and ingenuity, because you will resist a rational human being who is capable of cunning and tactical moves. Closely monitor everything that happens around you so as not to fall into the trap set in your path. With every level, the gameplay will become more and more hardcore and the pressure will keep escalating, so don’t relax even if the danger seems to be over! As you can see, this genre is diverse and fascinating, there are any stories and hardships to make your pulse beat at a feverish speed. Explore the most terrible, most dangerous corners of the world of horror and find out if you can survive in this nightmare!