Single Player Horror Games

Horror games are a great cure from stress! Did you know that? It is true and if you think of it, there is a perfect psychological logic here. Creepy stories are so realistic that they quickly squeeze out other problems and concerns from your mind. You begin to solve pressing problems and get so immersed in the plot that you simply forget about other matters and worries you’ve been having. Wanna find out more? Discover the thrilling world of single player horror games and enjoy adrenaline flowing through your veins!

Geometry Dash 2.2
I’m On Observation Duty 4
Melon Playground
Troll Face Quest: USA 1
Eyes Scary Thriller
Sally Face Episode 5
Silver Chains
Gak Iso Turu
Theater Unrest

Choose your thrill

There are plenty of online horror games out there. They differ in concept, story and atmosphere. But they al have one thing in common – the worse, the better. The heroes of these tittles are the scares creatures you can imagine and the most terrible people of our time. There are vampires, and maniacs, and zombies, and alien conquerors, and Momo, and Granny, and Slenderman. Actually, any creepy character has its own category of game and a certain pattern of behavior. Some of them will attack you at once, others will lurk in the darkness waiting for the right moment to strike. Learning their moves, you can predict what comes next and adapt your tactics to increase your chances of survival.

It’s easy to choose the very option that suits your taste in the variety of amazing choices that are waiting for you in the web. If among all scary games you prefer zombie shooters, then it is worth waiting for attacks of entire crowds of unfortunate creatures who dream of eating the brains of the main character. If the passage starts in the house, then there are many further options: ghosts, monster children, strange creatures – you can’t count all of them. But all the characters are clearly unfriendly and dream of the worst fate for the hero. Perhaps you’ll be set up against a dangerous maniac that will put you through a whole series of traps and trials before splitting you into pieces. Or maybe you’ll have to deal with ancient demons that can only be put back in hell by running a complicated ritual and discovering all the ingredients you need for that. There are plenty of threats and hardships for you to overcome!

Try to survive and don’t give up!

To survive in single player horror games, you need to be really together and extra careful. They require quick reaction from the player, the ability to solve unexpected and non-trivial tasks. You must not give in to difficulties or give up at the first failure. There is always a way. You just need to think, sort through all the options, equip yourself with artifacts and learn how to shoot accurately. The more playing skills your character acquires, the more interesting the battles with evil creatures are. Monsters are advancing, the odds are not in your favor and you are completely unarmed, but that doesn’t matter you’re already dead – just don’t be afraid… Victory is near. So don’t wait any further, immerse yourself into an exciting reality of the best online horrors and see if you can come out a winner even out of the most challenging story!