Eyes Scary Thriller



Game information

The horror-game that will surely make your knees shake is Eyes: Scary Thriller. The plot of the game is pretty straightforward – you are a guy stuck inside of a dark and mysterious mansion. The mansion only seems to be empty from the first glance, but very soon you will see that you were wrong. You are not alone here and we bet that you won’t be very happy to meet your neighbor. He is a demon and the only thing he knows is murder, so he is here to kill you. The task is to run away from the mansion before it happens. Run away from a horrible creature and try to leave this place before he gets you in his paws. Maybe, such a game concept will seem familiar to you, but be sure that the main point here is the atmosphere. You will immerse yourself into a dark, tough, and very gloomy place. Each second you can expect the attack – a demon is ready to jumpscare you at any second.
Your heart will beat faster with every new step you make, but be sure that you are always ready to run – the problem is that you never know when the enemy will show up. The entire house is no less creepy than a demon following you – the books on the shelves are shaking and falling down, the lights turn on and off, the TV-set makes strange and scary noises… The monsters are different here and you can choose one yourself – a prefect chance to pick your own nightmare! Isn’t it great? Also, you will have a chance to unlock new levels of the game – schools, hospitals, and houses filled with spirits.

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