Point and Click Horror Games

The age of complicated controls is over. People want everything to be simple and smooth as they enjoy their favorite online game. With the advent of touchscreen devices, gamers have started playing at the most unexpected and not really comfortable places where it’s physically impossible to keep your fingers tight on the buttons and press their tricky combinations in time to make the right move. That’s where point and click slash swipe and tap games have come into the scene. They are really easy to master – you just have to make the same idle clicks or taps to perform any actions required by the gameplay.

One Of You
The Aberration Inside
Crypt of the Bone King
Creepy Tale
Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

This simplifies the whole process a lot allowing you to focus on what’s happening on the screen rather than wasting your time getting used to the controls first. Today the point and click approach is applied to all genres, including horror. Now you don’t have to worry that you’ll miss the button in the heat of the moment, you can just go with the thrill and rest assured you’ll always do the thing that will save you by making another click!

Forget the controls, enjoy the action!

It’s pretty easy to play point and click horror games. All you need to do is just point the cursor to a certain part of the screen and click to go there. The same can be done when you want to pick up and use some object which you’re going to do a lot when playing escape room horror quests. And surely you can click the hideous monster chasing you to death after you find the right weapon against it. As you can see, pointing and clicking turns out to be enough even to run away from ghosts and fight vampires. This simple sequence of actions can get you out of a haunted house if you explore all the rooms carefully and figure out how to use all those items you discovered. It can give you the upper hand over terrifying demons if your reflexes are quick enough and you can pull yourself together acting reasonably in a critical situation. There are so many things you can accomplish with these two simple moves in horror games that you start wondering how you used to memorize all those intricate and challenging button schemes before. Well, now at least you can be sure you’ll never spill hot tea on your keyboard again if you panic in the process of walking through some dark ancient tomb and your hand twitches. This is yet another advantage of point and click horror games that should motivate you to check out this amazing category on our site!

Choose your horror, have your thrill!

Regardless of your preferences, you’re sure to find just the right horror story for you to enjoy. Will it be a zombie shooter or a vampire adventure? Perhaps you’re more into searching for legendary treasures in age-old ruins inhabited by furious spirits? Or investigating mystical cases that electrify hairs on your skin? Or maybe you want to organize a little race with a maniac chasing you all over some abandoned building? All that can be done in our point and click horror games with minimum efforts on your behalf! So if you want to fully focus on the thrilling gameplay and forget having to find your way through all those tricky buttons, you’ve come to the right place!