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The city of Silent Hill is known to many fans of the psychological horror genre. Among the distinctive elements of the game, one can single out a vivid multifaceted plot and a gloomy atmosphere that inspires fear and instills dread. It’s as if you were in the lead role in a horror movie. And partly this is the way it is since in the most Silent Hill games actions will occur in the first person. In this story, the main protagonist is not a trained fighter, but a revered shepherd called Nathan Vales. His past tells us that a dark force killed his family and loved ones.

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As Nathan says, it was Satan. He turned a quiet peaceful city into a deserted monastery, where there is only darkness and evil spirits. What exactly happened here nine years ago is still unknown. You only remember that the devil took possession of your body and destroyed the inhabitants of the city. But the shepherd wants to understand the whole story and returns to Silent Hill to find the holy father Vincent who can help him.

Dark mystery to be uncovered

Deserted gloomy streets shrouded in dense fog, indistinguishable terrible whispers, scary music – all this you will feel and see in Silent Hill games. You need to visit places that are related to your story, discover clues there, collect items and then find the right application for them. Each clue brings you closer to Father Vincent. The gameplay is also filled with different ciphers and messages that you need to understand. And of course, the struggle with dark spirits and scary characters is provided to you. You still don’t know what happened to the priest, is he alive? But if you find him, he will finally help you shed some light on those long by-gone events. Perhaps you will reveal a secret that you would rather not hear about. A terrible secret. Are you really ready to continue?

Silent Hill is waiting for you!

There are plenty of Silent Hill games by now and they all tell different parts of the story we all know so well or demonstrate the events from a new perspective. Some aren’t directly related to the plot of the movie, they simply use the setting for you to follow your own scary path. And make no mistake, you’re going to be creeped out a lot playing these games! The entire setting is just frightening, you can feel the hair on your skin move as you walk down those empty streets in search of answers. Plunge into the riveting world of Silent Hill games and see if you can fight off the dark force that lives in this murky place!

Don’t miss the thrill!

New horror games that you are going to find on our site will stun you with the most realistic visuals and suspenseful atmosphere. You’ll see some familiar concepts and plots, perhaps even continuation of your favorite franchise, and some totally new ones. The boundaries of the horror genre keep expanding, it’s often merged with shooters, detectives, action and adventure games. So every time it’s going to be a totally different experience you haven’t tried before. Discover the thrilling world of online horror games and find out if you are fearless enough to pass them!