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Fear is an interesting emotion. We try to avoid what makes us afraid, but sometimes we want to be scared. Maybe that’s because of the adrenaline that starts coursing through our veins when we read books or watch movies about ghosts, monsters and serial killers. Or maybe the sense of danger makes us appreciate life more. Regardless of the reasons, the genre of horror remains one of the most popular ones in all spheres of contemporary culture. If you are a fan of horror movies and games, welcome to our portal where you can catch up on the latest horror news and events!

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Horror games constitute a huge part of online gaming industry. New titles, sequels and remakes of old franchises keep launching with incredible frequency. And even if you regularly visit Google Play and App Store, it’s impossible to keep track of all the recent additions. We offer you a way to fix this! On our site, we have gathered the most relevant, up-to-date information about upcoming releases and fresh premiers. You will be the first to find out when to wait for a new loud horror event and what to expect from it. We also don’t ignore smaller-scale releases. If there is a new version of Granny or FNAF somewhere on KoGaMa, we’ll gladly clue you in on that. You can rest assured that you won’t miss any important announcements and will have the fullest data available on horror games of today and tomorrow!

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What information can you find in our Horror News? We follow the tiniest leaks and the most reliable sources to provide you with everything you need to know about hotly anticipated online games in this genre. We will keep you informed on all important launch dates, rumors and suggestions. Here you can read interviews with developers, view teasers and trailers, watch playthroughs and read reviews on the latest releases. Long before the game is out, you will already know a good deal about its plot, gameplay features and general atmosphere. If you’re not sure whether to give this game a shot or not, you can make an opinion based on the available facts, impressions of other players, screenshots and videos that all can be found on our news portal.

Here you can also discover useful tips on how to play particular horror games, advice from those who have beaten particularly tough challenges and clues on how to access secret locations or expand your character’s functionality. That can save you a lot of time and frustration. Such tips are especially valuable for fans of multiplayer games since the competition is high and having an edge over your opponents beforehand will allow you to score more victories and increase your rating without hours of failures and grinding.

If you want to find out about all important horror news as soon as they hit the web, our site is a sure place for that! Learn plenty of interesting stuff about your favorite games, get ready for big releases and make a habit of checking our Horror News to stay on top of things!