Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1



Game information

The world of this horror game becomes even wider and richer, while the main enemy – your neighbor – becomes smarter and trickier. The game developers are following the latest trends and include open world, sandbox, and even AI into the new part. Now you are going to oppose the neighbor that is able to learn from your actions, repeat them, and predict what you are going to do next. The open world allows you to run around the house, visit the forest, and the river. Numerous locations are open to you now. Also, the sandbox allows you to use different objects you will find across different areas for your good. You can even learn how to fly on the fire drencher. Just be ready – all of your great decisions will be remembered and repeated by the neighbor. This makes the game even more interesting, but more complicated as well.
The world around you as well as the behavior of the main enemy heavily depends on what you do and which decisions you choose. Be as creative as possible and try to invent something new and unobvious if you can – remember that the neighbor will repeat your actions and you will have to change your behavior all the time in case you want to survive. Each player of this game will have his/her own story, which means that the dynamic plot cannot be predicted. No matter how many times you play the game, each of the sessions will be different from all the previous (if you will change the strategies, of course). So change them and have fun – the number of opportunities and possible stories to outlive depends on your creativity only. Share the ideas with your friends and compare your stories – they will be absolutely different! The best stealth horror with original and ever-generated universe is at your disposal. Launch the game on our website for free right now and don’t forget to check the other parts of the series as well as cool horror games similar and different from Hello Neighbor – we have thousands of them here!

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