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The series of online games created by Russian studio Dynamic Pixels called Hello Neighbor is a horror with catchy visuals and amazingly twisted plot. On this website you will find the latest flash games from the series which can be played on any of your devices with the Internet connection, including a smartphone or a tablet.

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Hello Neighbor

The first Hello Neighbor game was launched in 2015 and appeared on the official site of the studio available for free download. Of course, this was a short version of the game, but everybody was really impressed and a full version published a little bit later was a real bang. Players were impressed by amazing graphics and unexpected plot twists they didn’t expect in the survival horror game. Thanks to the sponsors, the game became available for Windows, Mac and Xbox.

Almost all the games in Hello Neighbor series consist of three acts. Each of them presents different stages of main character’s life. First, you play as a child, then as a teenager, and at last as an adult person. The only thing that never changes in his life is his relationships with a neighbor. The main character is watching his neighbor’s house. It seems that this guy from the adjoining house behaves a bit suspiciously. One day, you watch him locking someone in his basement. The main character tries to find out what’s happening and gets caught. Once you are caught, you appear in the same basement as the first victim of this crazy man. During the second part, you have to investigate the neighbor’s house from the inside. The goal of every episode is to enter the basement and then run away from this gloomy place unnoticed. However, you will also have to gather the helpful items on your way. There are four possible inventory slots in a game and you cannot run away without having them all. Also, you need to be careful. If you get caught by your neighbor, you will have to come back to your house and spy him again. The tasks and quests become more and more complicated during the game and the best thing about them is that they are all interrelated. It means that you have to solve a mystery of every room to move further and find more items. There are numerous tragic moments in the second act of the game. Neighbors wife gets into a car accident and his daughter falls down from a roller coaster.In the third part, the mysterious house is destroyed by the fire. When the main character comes back home for holidays to enjoy the nostalgic memories, they turn into hallucinations and the horrible neighbor appears again. However, this time he is in your mind. The neighbor challenges you for the last battle. If you manage to survive, you enter a small white room with no doors and windows. This is a place where your fears live. Are you already intrigued? Then try it yourself.