New Horror Games

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. It can fully deprive you of ability to think and act, but it can also activate your hidden resources you didn’t even suspect you had. In daily life, we don’t feel fear that often. But sometimes we just need that shot of adrenaline that will shake us out of our comfort zone and let us feel alive again. Today, though, you don’t necessarily have to rise to Everest or stick your head into a crocodile’s mouth to experience kin emotions.

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There is a more comfortable and safe way – horror games. Based on famous literature and cinema horror stories, they are all characterized by the presence of mysticism, high levels of anxiety and gradual escalation of the atmosphere forcing the gamers to produce incredible amount of hormones freezing in terror. We offer you a great selection of new horror games that will strike you with their graphics, plot and setting!

Recipe for horror

What is the common horror story? They can be different, but they all have one identical element – you confront something you can’t explain. It can be a poltergeist living in your own house or an enigmatic investigation case the police can’t seem to solve just because they deny the existence of the supernatural. Sometimes the monsters you are about to fight don’t come from hell or any other realm out of this world – they are created in modern-time laboratories in the process of scientific experiments and then run loose posing a threat to everyone they meet. One of the favorite plots is the main hero’s amnesia – you come to your senses in some weird and as a rule very grim place and search for a way out discovering what happened and even who you are.

Very often horror games use the idea of abusing heavy drugs. The character takes them and plunges into a real nightmare – they are being pursued by terrible visions, monsters, ghosts and other vile creatures. To get out of it, the hero has to overcome plenty of trials and find a cure against the poison. Finally, we can quite frequently see the idea of withstanding the attacks of a certain dark force until morning. In games like this, time is very important and you need to distribute your resources wisely if you hope to survive and see the light of the day again. As you can figure, there are all sorts of horror games and new ones appear on the market on a daily basis. So if you don’t wanna miss anything interesting, we strongly suggest you to take a look at our amazing collection!