House Horror Game



Game information

House Horror Game is a bizarre pixel horror adventure where you have to investigate a series of mysterious murders happening in your own house to your own family. You’ll be playing as a little girl who can walk from room to room, interact with various objects and hopefully find out the truth. But the most important thing is to survive!

The whole story starts like a usual family evening. The mom is cooking dinner at the kitchen, waiting for the dad to come home from work, the kids are running around, playing and minding their own business. But the atmosphere is quite suspenseful and gruesome from the very beginning, despite the cute pixel graphics.

At first, nothing special will be happening. You’ll have a chance to acquaint yourself with all the locations in the building and also check out what kinds of items are lying around and what you can do with them. For instance, you can pick up a ball from the shelf and drop it on the floor, whatever this is supposed to mean. Maybe you’ll need it at some point later.

You can also see your sister and mother doing all kinds of things and even talk to them. For example, your sister will be often playing piano and she will also tell you that she hates this room. So far, there is nothing pointing to the tragedy that is about to happen here very soon. But in a while, you will walk in on your mother’s dead body lying in the middle of the kitchen. What happened here? Was it an accident and she slipped on a spilled milk or something? Or did somebody finish her off? Are you in danger?

These are the riddles you have to solve playing House Horror Game. There are clues scattered around, you just have to stay focused to notice them. Pay special attention to keys that you will find in different places – maybe they will allow you to open some secret door that contains answers to your questions. Plunge into the thrilling and enigmatic gameplay, enjoy the suspense and avoid being killed!

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