Floating Sandbox



Game information

Floating Sandbox takes the concept of a physics simulation game and immerses players in an environment where they have the power to create, manipulate, and observe the destruction of various structures and vessels on a vast ocean canvas. This game provides a unique blend of creativity and destruction, allowing players to experiment with the buoyancy and material strength of objects placed in a simulated body of water. From constructing intricate ships to watching them respond to the laws of physics, players are given the tools to explore the consequences of their actions in a highly interactive setting. The game’s mechanics encourage experimentation with different materials and construction techniques to see how they withstand the game’s realistic water and damage models.

Engineering Marvels Meet Their Match

At the heart of Floating Sandbox is the challenge of engineering structures that can survive the game’s harsh maritime conditions. Players can design their own ships and objects, then subject them to the merciless forces of nature, including storms, waves, and even mythical sea monsters. The thrill comes from pushing the boundaries of your creations to see how much they can endure before succumbing to the pressures of the simulated environment.

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