Squid Game Horror Game



Game information

Do you have enough skills to survive this crazy game? Squid online game is based on the popular Netflix TV show. You have surely heard of it or even already watched it. What about becoming one of its characters and feel the adrenaline yourself? You will need to participate in a thrilling run on the wide field, completing with other players for a big cash prize. Your main target is a giant Robot Doll that is waiting for the winner in the other end of the location. However, this run is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. In involves a lot of risk and danger. But let’s break it down in detail.

The game starts in a usual field where you will need to move until you reach the doll. You will be dressed in a green suit. But you will quickly figure out that you are not alone in this fight for big money. There are a lot of other participants that will compete with you, and they all are wearing the same clothes. And the task is more than just run forward. You need to constantly watch the light on the screen. The light changes unexpectedly – when you see green color, you need to move as fast as you can. But the very moment the red light is on – you have to become completely frozen. Are you skillful enough to follow this strict rule? It is not a joke unfortunately, and only one mistake will cost you a life. The armed guards are holding you at gunpoint, and you will be shot instantly if you dare to move at the wrong light.

Another stressful factor during your run is the clock that keeps counting time that remained for your run. Every moment you will see that you have less and less chances to complete the task before the time is over. It adds more pressure to the process. Are you still interested to test your luck in this challenging entertainment? Then join the game right away. And remember the rule not to move when the red light is on. Get started, there is no way back! Now only your maneuvers and reaction can help you stay alive. Good luck!

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