Horror Pixel Games

Our horror pixel games will make a pleasant finding for those who love intense emotions! Here you can check just how steady your nerves are. But don’t worry, you won’t be scared that much by what’s going on – after all, these are pixel games and you can’t take the events unfolding on your screen seriously when the monsters that chase you are made of tiny colorful squares.

Sonic.exe: The Disaster 2D
That’s Not My Neighbor
That’s not my Neighbor Online
Hardcore Minecraft 2023
Sonic Eyx
Melon Playground Spider Man
Deltarune 2
Siren Head Minecraft
Mommy Long Legs Vs Huggy Wuggy
Melon Playground
Demon Slayer Dan
Deltarune Chapter 2
Ridgewood Road
The Two Doors
Family Mansion
Night of the Consumers
Tasty Ramen Horror
Extra Ordinary
Survive the Blackout
Make Sure It’s Closed
Pocket Rogues: Ultimate
At Home Alone II
Pixel Zombie Shooter
Cat and Ghosts
Dead Eyes

Still playing them guarantees you tons of thrilling impressions plus aesthetic pleasure if you enjoy retro style. And the missions you have to complete are no less challenging because of the graphics choice! So, are you ready for all those trials developers have prepared for you? Then launch one of the games online and see how far you can get!

Simple graphics, tricky gameplay!

Horror games can be of different kinds allowing everyone to find a virtual entertainment to their own taste. If you like dynamic gameplay and plenty of action, you can try of one horror shooters where you have to deal with hordes of monsters and evil spirits attacking you from all sides. Here the whole thing is about moving ahead, shooting promptly and not letting the enemies get close to you. Watching them jump out of nowhere when you least expect it can really startle you, even if they don’t look that realistic. But you can’t panic because every second is of the essence. So keep your hands firm on the controls and place accurate shots even if you’re scared to death!

Those preferring a calmer pastime, but still wishing their nerves to be tickled can opt for one of horror detective stories. Here you don’t have to run and fight that much, the gameplay is focused on exploring the location and collecting various objects that can either shed light on some eerie mystery or help you in performing the needed actions. You need to be very attentive and careful because most of the time you’ll be watched or pursued by some malicious spirit or terrible maniac. So you can’t give away your presence and must do everything quietly moving on tip-toes and trying not to make a lot of noise. Some may claim it’s not scary enough, but there will be plenty of spooky stuff in these games too. The atmosphere itself is very tense and you will be on edge every minute.

Zombies, ghosts, maniacs – everything is here!

You won’t run short of options choosing what horror pixel game to play today. Whether you’re thrilled with zombies, ghosts or serial killers, you’ll easily find a story to your liking on our site. How about trying to survive against a crowd of the walking dead rushing in on you from everywhere and craving to have you for dinner? Or maybe you’d rather load your gun with silver bullets and go on a vampire hunt? Or perhaps you’ll like it more being a vampire yourself? In some horror games, it’s you who needs to perform the role of the antagonist. But this is just as much fun as the opposite! There is a lot more to discover about the horror genre in general and its pixel category in particular. You can do it on our site picking one of our amazing horror pixel games and playing them until your hair stand on end!