Adventure Horror Games

We all lack a bit of adventure in our everyday routine. But truly exciting things rarely happen to us in our busy, boring lives. So we come home longing to experience something beyond just walking up, going to work and having the same dinner when we get home. How can we do it when everything in our world is predictable and safe? One way to make your adrenaline rise is to play adventure horror games!

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That’s not my Neighbor Unblocked
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You are going to find yourself in the middle of a fascinating story and you will be the main hero following all of its stages. And surely there will be a powerful dark force after you which will only make things more thrilling. Are you ready to face all the dangers and deal with the threat that’s hanging over you? Then start playing and prepare for some blood-chilling emotions!

Enjoy the creepy story

What makes a great horror adventure? First of all, there needs to be a mysterious story that you will unravel bit by bit moving through the gameplay. It can be just about anything. You can find yourself in some cursed town and try to lift the evil spell running your own investigation of what happened here. Or you can set out to look for ancient treasures and end up in some abandoned tomb in the middle of a jungle where you’ll be pursued by evil spirits. Or it can be about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by terrible mutants and monsters that crawl out at night searching for another victim. There are all kinds of plots that can be used here and it’s up to you to decide which path to follow. Depending on your preferences, you can travel back in time to the epoch of witches and saint inquisition or experience your adventure in a contemporary megapolis where a vampire clan is secretly running its bloody business behind the scenes. Regardless of your choice, it’s going to be a riveting journey!

Fight supernatural enemies

The second thing we need to enjoy our creepy adventure is the scary antagonist. There is nothing frightening about stepping up against some criminals or shady government agents, but it’s definitely different when you need to fight inhumanely strong monsters and demons from hell. To defeat your enemy, you’ll have to be extra careful, fast and resourceful. You have to watch your step and keep a close eye on everything happening around you. That spooky being can make its move any second and you’d better be alert and ready for it. In many adventure horror games, you also need to unravel some kind of mystery that lies behind all these events. That means exploring the locations, finding clues and puzzling all the information you discover together to figure out how you can get out of this mess. A few spectacular fights won’t hurt, especially with the use of all those mystical weapons like silver bullets and paranormal rituals! And surely we also need eerie, suspenseful atmosphere to keep us on edge even as we’re simply walking down the street of the virtual city and nothing is happening yet. All that is present in our amazing adventure horror games! Try one of them online and enjoy your shivers!