Espresso Tycoon



Game information

Espresso Tycoon brings a fresh twist to the classic simulation game genre, allowing players to step into the shoes of a café owner with aspirations to dominate the coffee industry. This game invites you to design the coffee shop of your dreams, where customers can unwind and savor exquisite coffee. You’ll navigate the ups and downs of running a business, aiming to build a thriving coffee empire from the ground up. The game encapsulates the essence of being your own boss, from crafting the café’s aesthetic to managing every detail of its operation.

Crafting Your Coffee

As the architect of your café, you’re tasked with an array of strategic decisions: décor selection, staff recruitment and management, supply chain oversight, budget analysis, and marketing your establishment to ensure customer satisfaction. Espresso Tycoon also delves into the preferences of your clientele, challenging you to conduct market research and utilize a 3D coffee editor to concoct a variety of recipes that cater to their tastes. The journey from inception to coffee empire requires careful budgeting, deciding on the optimal location and timing for your venture, and balancing hiring practices with marketing strategies to boost your café’s reputation and complete missions.

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