Japanese Horror Games

Japanese culture is very mystical and a little creepy. Remember any anime – all this gloomy atmosphere, terrible demons of all stripes, huge octopus with wriggling tentacles… If anyone knows a lot about scaring, then this is definitely the Japanese. No wonder Japanese horror games have become so popular lately. This is also due to the fact that many people like to watch anime, and a large part of these games is based on well-known cartoons that every fan of the genre is familiar with. In cinema, too, there is enough fine material to create a stunning horror.

WALK (Japanese Horror Game)
Saiko No Sutoka
Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle
Ayakashi Akashi
Her Box
Family Mansion
One Of You
Your Turn To Die
Yandere Simulator
The Convenience Store
Home Sweet Home 2
Ayano’s Lovesick Labyrinth

We all watched films such as The Call, making every cell of your body tremble. And the moment when a girl who drowned in a well, unnaturally twisting her arms and covering her face with her hair, crawls out of the TV, it’s better not to watch when you’re alone at night! If you want to feel real dread and be inspired by all those disturbing emotions, we offer you an excellent selection of Japanese horror games, which will definitely not leave you indifferent!

Nobody scares like the Japanese!

Nothing scares so much as a session premonition that something terrible is about to happen… Surprise, constant tension and a frightening story – these are the key elements of horror games. This recipe is so simple and effective that over the few recent years a huge number of games have appeared on the market that position themselves as horrors, but we should not forget that it was Japan that gave the world those games that are now a classic and a reference in the world of horror. Japan is the birthplace of almost all the horror games we know. Whether Japanese developers are trying to copy Western horror or create games based on traditional horror stories, they are real experts in creating games that are truly scary.

Iconic cinema and anime horrors at arm’s length!

When the first Resident Evil was released in 1996, it was one of the few games that led to a drastic shift in the gaming field. The kids who played Super Mario and Sonic have already grown up, and the appearance of the PlayStation console was a kind of transitional moment when the industry began to seriously divide the audience into teenage and adult. Suddenly, a platform appeared for games that were not designed for children, who created completely new genres and used adult themes and elements of violence. The Sony console, a few years after the release, has acquired an extensive library of such games, aimed at an adult audience. A shift has occurred, the target audience of gamers has expanded, and thanks to this small number of innovative games, the industry has changed. And Resident Evil was one of those games. Now the options for Japanese horror games are much more numerous. Among them there are projects with realistic graphics that make you literally jump in the chair, and there are cartoonish, but no less frightening settings. But in any case, there will be plenty of fear! Discover the creepy and exciting world of Japanese horror games and enjoy every second of the eerie action!