3D Horror Games

If you still remember the first computer games, you will certainly smile at the thought of their primitive graphics. The whole setting consisted of multi-colored pixels, and the heroes were clumsy sketchy men, funny moving around the screen. Then it was enough, we have not yet been spoiled for realistic effects. But today, the level of development of modern computer graphics allows you to create a picture that is almost indistinguishable from reality.

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Modern engines perfectly recreate the thinnest animation and guarantee an amazing likelihood effect. And this is especially important in a genre like horror. Indeed, in order to be really scared, you need to believe what is happening, and 3D horror games are very convincing, despite the fact that you understand that all this happens only on the screen of your computer or smartphone. Well, it’s time to tickle your nerves and plunge into the exciting world of 3D horror!

Everything like in real life

Our brain is designed in such a way that it perceives a three-dimensional picture much better than a flat one. This allows you to forget about everything in the world and completely immerse yourself in the process. Indeed, in 3D horror games even secondary objects are recreated with amazing realism. Making your way through a dark house, an abandoned monastery or a deserted cemetery, you can really feel the whole eerie atmosphere of this place. The dim light of candles, fancifully swaying shadows and curtains, frighteningly creaking doors – voluminous graphics make all this even more bewitching. And when a scary monster appears on the screen with saliva dripping from a toothy mouth or a luminous ghost in white robes, you can jump on the spot from fright! For people with a weak nervous system, this may even be too much, given that this usually happens at the most unexpected moment. Together with the effect of surprise, 3D animation allows you to make horror really scary.

Scary, believable, spectacular!

What are you planning to do today? Maybe go to a zombie-infested city and wander among the ruins, shooting off vile creatures? You can be sure that your forehead will cover more than once later when you see these extremely realistic monsters in front of you with all the details and in volume. Empty eyes, rotten teeth, clawed hands reaching for you … Looking at such a scene, even the most inveterate skeptic will start to frantically pull the trigger, if only these disgusting creatures would not get closer! Maybe you prefer mystical stories in the spirit of the Middle Ages? Then go fight ghosts, cast out demons and fight unknown supernatural beings. You will be amazed at their detailed appearance and incredible special effects that will accompany their appearance. Sometimes it will seem to you that a terrible image is about to get out of the computer and will be right in front of you, in your room! In short, if you want to feel the whole palette of emotions that scary stories cause in us, quickly choose a 3D horror game to your liking and enjoy the elaborate realistic graphics!