Home Sweet Home



Game information

A mind possessed with sorrow can become a trap where you are locked in forever. The game called Home Sweet Home depicts this idea literally. Here you will play for a person called Tim. He used to love his wife, they lived together in a beautiful house, and their life was full of coziness and sweetness. However, one strange day, Tim was left alone. The wife he loved that much disappeared without saying a word. Was she kidnapped? Did she leave him? Will she ever come back or at least explain what has happened? These and other sad questions were arising in his mind for days and Tim gone totally crazy because of his grief. One day, he woke up in a room that didn’t look like his own. However, the night before, he was at home and it is absolutely impossible to wake up in another place when you lay down at home, right?
Now Tim is locked inside of a strange dark house which is not a regular one – it is haunted and the ghost of a young woman lives here. The ghosts start interacting with him, frightening him, and everything turns even worse with every minute. Tim doesn’t see the exit no matter how he tries. The game is based on the Thai myths, so the atmosphere of an ancient evil will follow you wherever you go. You will have to investigate the case and understand what has happened here, why are you in this house, who is that girl following you and… is she connected to your wife that disappeared. If she is, then this will mean that she is not alive anymore. Do your best to solve the puzzles and keep away from the ghost if you can. The end of the story depends on you and your decisions, so be careful and thoughtful when making choices and try to keep Tim alive if you can. There are small chances that he will be able to come back to his normal life ever, however, there are chances that he won’t die all in all.

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