Dark Horror Games

Can you hear the wind blowing behind the window? Are you sure you closed it tightly? What if there is a werewolf lurking under it and it’s full moon today? That means you’re in danger and can potentially be dead by morning. Doesn’t the prospect of that make you scared? Then you have just the right nerve to try and play our amazing dark horror games! They will definitely make you shake with fear as you follow the gloomy halls and squeaky staircases wondering what awaits you behind the corner.

Go to Bed
The Roach Apartment
Ronald McDonalds 2
Don’t Touch Tolyan Beer
Choo Choo Charles 3
Elden Ring
Siren Head Minecraft
The Man From The Window
John Doe
Skelety In The Park Of Nightmares
Bendy And The Dark Revival
Half Dead 2
Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse
Eddie And The Misfits
Impostor Hide
Siren Head: Retribution
Tiny Bunny
Resident Evil Village
Outlast 2
Baby in Yellow 3
Dark Deception Chapter 5
The Baby In Yellow 2
Dark Deception Chapter 4
Dark Deception 2020

The monsters can be hiding anywhere and it won’t be long until they attempt an attack. You need to be prepared for that! Learn how you can deal with dark forces and enjoy a riveting virtual adventure through the realm of grim secrets and supernatural creatures!

Mystery is right around the corner…

The concepts and plots of dark horror games are incredibly diverse. They all deal with the element of the unexplained and unexpected. There is some shady power at play that causes a stir in the neighborhood. People go missing, there are bloody murders nobody can solve and everyone is afraid they are against a force beyond the world we know. That’s where you can come into the scene and do what you can to handle the threat. Some games will allot you the role of a priest or exorcist whose life mission is to rid the earth of dark beings, or a legendary detective specializing in supernatural cases. Others will simply confront you with a danger you need to run away from. Particular genres can also vary, so you’ll easily find an entertainment to your liking. No mater what game you eventually choose, it’s going to be just as exciting as watching a good horror movie or listening to one of those scary tales you used to like as a child!

Get creeped out and adrenalized!

An important element of dark horror games is their spooky atmosphere. The whole setting looks dim and disturbing, you walk through some creepy place like an old monastery, night cemetery or simply some abandoned house the locals believe to be cursed. Because you’re on edge expecting something dangerous to happen any second, you listen out to every sound and react to the smallest details of your surroundings. Developers are aware of that and use all kinds of visual and sound effects to scare the hell out of you. One of the most widely applied tricks are screamers – moments when something frightening appears in front of you unexpectedly most often also making a loud and sharp sound. That makes you literally jump in your chair adding a lot of tension to the gameplay.

This is just a tiny part of what can be told about this amazing genre. Whether you prefer dynamic action with a lot of shooting, fighting and running or suspenseful stealth exploration and puzzle solving, there is just the right game for you in this category. The thing that is guaranteed every time though is tons of thrilling emotions that you will get while following the fascinating storyline and finding yourself in the center of the murky events. Diversify your leisure and try one of our great dark horror games online to tickle your nerves and accelerate your blood flow!