Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse

Game information

Everyone in their childhood has a toy they dislike. Mr. Hopp is such a toy. Though things are much worse.

The Game and Its Characters
You will play as Ruby, a little girl who dislikes her handmade rabbit with an eerie smile, light grey fur, and white whiskers. It is called Mr. Hopp. The toy stays motionless in the corner of Ruby’s room but she wants her father to take it away. Her father tries to calm her down and leaves the nightlight switched on. After the man leaves the room, the nightlight starts flickering and after it stops, Ruby sees that Mr. Hopp is not in its place. It disappears and her parents vanish too.
The toy was presented to her by her deceased grandmother, Nana Esther, but it actually belongs to Entity. It is a humanoid monster and it is very dangerous. Now, Ruby’s task is to leave the house and survive.

Ruby gets the instructions on what to do. You need to follow these instructions. Though the wicked creature is following you and you will see his yellow eyes here and there. Then, you will have to make your way to the entrance of the house. The monster will make attempts to attack and capture you so you need to be very careful. Be aware of the living room because it is the most open-spaced place. Another task is to find Ruby’s mother whose cries you hear. Though she is never found within the game. Mr. Hopp appears on your way as a jumpscare. On the way to the entrance you have to find certain tapes that will prompt you further what to do.. After you have found the last tape, you need to find the key to the entrance door. Then, you find the slingshot and have to shoot the monster five times. After that, if you are lucky enough, you can leave the house.
Can you really survive in this dangerous hide-and-seek game? Let’s try.

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