Friday Night Funkin Games

Friday Night Funkin is a riveting music game where you have to become a real hero of the stage to impress the father of your beloved one and get his approval for dating her. The whole point of the gameplay is rather simple – you just need to press buttons and hit the beat. Easy to learn, but hard to really get the hang on, this game will keep you funking to a great number of amazing tunes for hours!

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Win the heart of your beloved one!

What are you ready to do in order to be with the person you love? The hero of this game fell in love with the daughter of a former music star. The man is really severe and he doesn’t want his dear child to date anyone but the most decent of guys. And the only way to win his sympathy is to show talent for music. Luckily, you can do that by taking part in music battles that run at a local night club every week. There is a whole bunch of opponents for you to defeat and it won’t be easy. Each of them has their own style and isn’t going to give up just like that. You’ll have to rap to the beat like a pro to earn the necessary number of points!

The controls are easy and you definitely won’t have trouble getting used to them. All you have to do is press the buttons following the arrows that will be appearing on the screen. Watch them closely – you can’t afford to make too many mistakes! Each of them will eat away at your final score and you need to gain a certain amount of points to beat your rival. By the way, they are numerous and there are new ones added on a regular basis. So you definitely won’t get bored battling against the same opponents over and over again. Some of them are borrowed from other games and movies, others are simply recognizable characters that are fun to see on stage. In any case, don’t think that Ronal McDonald can’t turn out to be a great singer! Don’t underestimate anyone and get ready to try your best!

Plunge into great music!

To defeat every rival, you’ll have to show excellent performance in three battles. Based on the final result, you will either proceed further in the music tournament or fall out. But don’t worry, even if you lose, you can always have another shot. It appears the girl you are longing for likes you too, and she doesn’t mind waiting. Actually, she will support you as you rap, so use it as your inspiration!

And you will surely also be inspired by the amazing songs that you will hear in this game! Each of them has a different tempo and melody, so you’ll have to adapt to the rhythm on the go. It’s a sheer pleasure to listen to the music that is playing from your speakers as you battle with another enemy in Friday Night Funkin! Start discovering all the perks and thrills of this incredible game right now, try to pass all the rivals and become the very guy who kisses the girl you started this whole thing for in the first place!