Monster DNA



Game information

In the game Monster DNA, players step into the futuristic lab of an international research facility tasked with the creation of hybrid creatures for a broad spectrum of extraterrestrial clients. Here, the stakes are high as the lab uses advanced genetic technology to splice DNA from some of the galaxy’s most notorious criminals, who participate in exchange for benefits like reduced sentences. As a genetic engineer, your role is to design these hybrids to specification, ensuring they can thrive in varied and often harsh environments across the cosmos.

The Challenges of Ethical Engineering

As players delve deeper into the genetic crafting process, they encounter a host of moral and practical challenges. The act of creating life forms tailored to specific, sometimes ruthless, client demands introduces a complex layer of decision-making. Each hybrid must be meticulously crafted to survive and to fulfill roles that range from laborious to combative, depending on the client’s needs. The game’s dynamic environment responds to these creations, testing their abilities and adaptability in real-world scenarios, which can sometimes lead to unpredictable and dramatic outcomes. This process tests the player’s ethical boundaries and scientific acumen, making each session a unique ethical puzzle to solve.

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