Baldi’s Basics Full Game



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School is one of the most unpleasant places in the life of every child. And the thing is not only that you have to spend hours at boring classes, burying yourself in a textbook and scratching something in your notes. It’s much worse if you come across a teacher like Baldi. This is really the worst teacher in the world. It seems that people like him go to work in school just to take it out on the children. He obviously hates little slammers like you and won’t forgive you a single mistake. It is almost impossible to get a good mark from this skinny, gloomy and absolutely bald monster. After all, he will certainly find something to complain about. The slightest mistake makes him have an uncontrollable fit of anger. Apparently, even the director is afraid of Baldi when his face is filled with crimson color, and the formidable ruler begins to shake in his hand, portending another storm. That’s probably why he doesn’t’t raise the question of his ill-treatment of students. But this doesn’t make it any easier for you. Today you go to Baldi’s classes again. So get ready for a real test that you might not get out of alive!

The essence of the game is to safely sit out all the lessons at school and return home unharmed, avoiding skirmishes with Baldi. But this can be done only after you find and fill out seven notebooks. Keep in mind that only correct answers will count, so you won’t be able to slack off. All this time, Baldi will keep a vigilant eye on you, waiting for the moment when you fail. Then he will rush after you to shake the spirit out of your poor body. If this happens, there is only one way out – run as fast as you can! If hi catches you, the day will start over and you’ll have to go through all that nightmare again. Do you want it? Doubtful. Be on your guard, for the whole school has united against you. Anyone you meet along the way can turn out to work for him. A hefty bully will block the corridor so that you cannot take the shortest path. Just give him a candy you will find in your backpack – the evil hooligan won’t be able resist a piece of sweets. Don’t give in to the requests of cute little girls with pigtails to jump rope with them. It’s just a trick to hold you back and give Baldi time to track you down. The incredible horror story will keep you occupied for a long time while you run around the school, hide from the furious teacher and rake your brains over tricky tasks! Play Baldi’s Basics Full Game online and get your share of intense emotions!


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