Baldi’s Basics Horror



Game information

The creators of Baldi’s Basics know something about parodies and how to make them look really creepy. This one is mocking the games you know from 90s, the first educational applications for children. Well, they were drawn in a pretty scary manner and had a potential to damage your immature psychics. However, were made this way unintentionally. Try to imagine if someone did this for a purpose. Oh well, no need to imagine – just play Baldi’s Basics and see. Your goal is to gather the notebooks and leave the school where strange and pretty schizophrenic events occur. Your math teacher Baldi has an unusual perception of the way education should be: he gives you a branch of absurd tasks and tries to kill you when you make mistakes. Does it seem like your childhood nightmare? Well, that’s not all. There are other characters, who are no less mad than Baldi, and they will try to hunt you as well. Make sure to gather helpful object while you play to raise your chances to survive. The levels of the game become even more complicated and strange while you move on, so get ready for a really overwhelming experience. The developers took care about making the game atmospheric and a bit random to increase the feeling of weirdness. Even when you come up with a strategy that helps you run away and hide better, there are unpredictable situations to blow your mind completely. The developers promise to launch an expanded version of Baldi, where you will meet a high level of randomization. It means that the levels, sets of characters and tasks will be generated again and again every time you play. So enjoy Baldi’s Basics and expect even more creepy scenes!

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