Baldi’s Basics New Teacher

Game information

Some math teachers are not like other people – they might seem a bit strange and even crazy to us. Well, no wonder, they have to deal with such complicated and abstract things like formulas and other stuff, so their mind is completely different from the ordinary one. They are not literally crazy, though, but just not like us and so on… However, there are exceptions when this funny stereotypes becomes reality. One of them has always been the famous character of the horror game called Baldi’s Basics – he is a teacher that locks children in a school and then chases them around the building just because they cannot solve his tasks. He really is a creepy and mad guy! But in this part of the game, you will find out that he is not alone. Baldi has a buddie and this is your new teacher.
Meet the educator that will terrorize you no less than Baldi used to! We won’t be surprised if you will find the new character of the game even creepier than his predecessor – he looks really scary! If one of your main fears is and evil clown and the second one – an authoritative and cruel teacher with a large ruler, then you are welcome to this new part of the game where all of your nightmares come true. Here you will meet a guy that reminds of a mad clown, but he is also a math teacher and you will be pretty amazed to know that his ways to catch and punish pupils like you are even more cruel than those used by Baldi. You will miss your good old torturer for sure! Try now and feel the chills on your back!

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