Minecraft: Baldi’s Basics

Game information

The Minecraft version of Baldi’s Basics will show you that a school is a tough place with its own rules to follow. Most school teachers punish students for violating the school rules, however, in this horror game, everything is so hyperbolized and scary! One may think that Baldi, your math educator, treats the students unfairly. This isn’t even the begin to cover it. A school is a place where students get knowledge, learn to write, read, count, and expand their worldview. Students are expected to be responsible and do their best to cope with the school program. However, Baldi and his friends has a bit distorted vision of these well-known ideals. Here everything is quite ridiculous but creepy at the same time. When you meet Baldi, you may think that he is just a strange and funny-looking character crazy about math. Once you make your first mistake, get ready to see him from a very new perspective. A scary one! This guy will lose his temper, turn into a real monster, grab a ruler and run after you. Do your best to run as fast as you can!

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