Baldi’s Unreal Halloween Update



Game information

Do you remember those educational games from your childhood? Well, you do if you already about 30 years old… However, even if you don’t, you must be aware that the first educational games looked really weird. The creators had limited resources and did their best to make games that would entertain and teach children at the same time. The only problem is that these games looked a bit… creepy! Yes, the ultra-bright colors and lame graphics made the educational games something more strange and less educating. On the wave of that nostalgia, the developers of Baldi’s Basics decided to create a game that will mock the old good titles of our childhood. However, the idea was to make it scary for a purpose. And they did a really good job. Don’t you believe us? Take a look at the game screenshots.
The first thing about Baldi is that it doesn’t really have any educational value despite the fact that you will have to solve intellectual puzzles during the game. The problem is that most of them are absurd and don’t have any solution at all. However, your crazy teacher Baldi doesn’t really care about that. He gets angry because you cannot deal with the mathematical tasks that are impossible to solve. Well, now you have to run away from him through the corridors of the creepy school, trying to find your way out. Your moves will attract the attention of Baldi and other strange inhabitants of the school, so be careful and try to collect the items on your way. These items will help you hide or distract your enemies. If the tasks you receive from Baldi cannot be solved, then run away as fast as you can!

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