Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning Games

Welcome to the most bizarre educational game you have ever seen – Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning! Here you will face everything you like that much: training, mathematics, unusual characters, a lot of fun and genuine horror, all in one title.

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In this indie horror game, you will have to run away from a crazy teacher very quickly! He wants you to solve his tasks and never leave his school, so when you try to do so, he will do everything to catch you and kill you. Despite the simplicity of the plot and weird graphics, this game has become a real cult from the first day on the market. Some gamers claim that Baldi’s success could be easily explained by this sense of nostalgia it brings. If you are old enough, you must remember those first educational games of 90s, made in a really creepy manner. However, the developers of that times didn’t have any motivation to do them that scary… At the same time, Baldi’s developers did! And they have created a unique and impressing game that will make your head explode.

Once you start playing, you will find yourself in a role of a student, who has two main goals: find and collect seven notebooks scattered around the territory of campus and run away from that strange place as soon as possible. The notebooks contain mathematical tasks and you will have to solve them before you have an opportunity to sneak away. Everything would be okay, but there is a problem: some tasks are extremely difficult, while the others cannot be solved at all (for real). Your teacher Baldi doesn’t care if the tasks are unmanageable and gets angry. You have made him furious and now he wants to hunt you and other students down like a maniac in a horror film. So he takes his large ruler and runs after you. Do your best to run as fast as you can and hide from him anywhere. Oh, yes, and remember about other obstacles and characters. There are other things that will constantly prevent you from leaving this nightmare. For example, other people who also work or study or God knows what they do in this school. They are Baldi’s friends and pupils, who gladly will join him in this crazy chase. Among them you will meet a director, huge talking broom, jumping girl, a bully, and others. You will receive coins during the game to buy useful items like soda that will help you push Baldi away. Also, the coins will help you recreate your energy in a campus bar. So download this title from our website and enjoy that crazy rush and try not to get insane!