Baldi’s Basic’s 2020



Game information

Time to go back to school, dear friends! Are you ready to gain new knowledge and become smarter day after day? And are you ready for some bloody horrors and pain? No? Well, you don’t have any choice – you are at Baldi’s school. At this place, pupils don’t really get any knowledge – they try not to get deadly injures. Maybe, you are not the luckiest person on earth to have a math teacher like that. Baldi has his own vision of education and you know what? He doesn’t care about education. He wants power, domination, and your cries of pain! But you don’t have to give all that to him so simply, right?

So the 2020 year brings you a brand new adventure in Baldi’s school. As you remember from the previous games, he always has some tasks for you to complete. Mostly, his tasks are as crazy as he is – they are impossible to deal with. Whether Baldi gets you closed in a school to beat your spirit out of your body with his gigantic ruler or takes you to camping – his uncontrolled anger is ruining. And you don’t really want to experience it in any way. In all parts of the game including the newest one, players will have to solve some puzzles (or ho mad because they cannot be solved), run around the limited environment, and try to get out of there before Baldi appears. Be sure that if he notices you at some moment, you won’t have a time to say “Oh my God!” before he reaches you. One second and you are already defeated by a math teacher with some strange mental disorder. Sounds like fun! Good luck!

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