Granny 2020



Game information

Nothing makes us more uncomfortable than closed space. When we cannot leave some room or building, we star being nervous. You may agree that even if you don’t really want or need to leave, the knowledge that we are closed and cannot do that at any moment is dramatic. However, what about some places you don’t want to stay in? Even for a second? In this game, you will find yourself at one of such places. What is even worse, very soon you will find out that the worst thing is not actually that you are locked here. But the fact that you are not alone. And we must admit that the company is not the most pleasing!

You are stuck here with a furious old lady – Granny. Don’t let her tender name fool you! Granny is a real monster. She is like a character from the old fairy-tales of Grimm brothers – ugly old lady that keeps children inside of her old dark house. And maybe she wants to eat you for supper, we don’t exclude a scenario like that. Even if her plans are not gastronomic, it is hard to believe that they are good in any way. Just look at her face! This creature cannot have any good thoughts. So take your chance and run away from this horrible place before she puts her nasty fingers on you. Enter different rooms, open the wardrobes and shelves, try to find a key and then go to the exit door. Don’t make a sound – the monster will hear even the slightest squeak of the floor or door. If you have made a mistake – a sound – then hide immediately.

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