Horror Games 2020

Each year brings something new and amazing to play. All horror fans have been waiting for the fresh titles to appear and we are glad to inform you that you can find them all right here. We collect and upload new and most awaited horrors right after they are launched. As such, you have a chance to get them faster than anyone else! Because we track them attentively and gladden you with something cool and exclusive all the time.

A Dark Place
Amnesia: Rebirth
Roblox Piggy Book 2
The Baby In Yellow
Secret Neighbor 2020
Hello Neighbor 2020
Don’t Starve 2020
Left 4 Dead 2020
Bendy and the Ink Machine 2020
The Blackout Club 2020
FNAF 2020
Granny 2020
Baldi’s Basic’s 2020
Angry Neighbor 2020

Not only you will have an access to the series that you already know like Baldi’s Basics, Evil Nun, and Five Nights at Freddy’s. Also, you will enjoy the brand new ones! Are you ready to get some thrill and fright? Then check the list we have created for you and prepare for the most adrenaline-boosting experience you have ever had.

So in this section you will all kinds of horrors. If you prefer to save the world from zombies and fights with the hordes of monsters with your gun or car – we have amazing titles for you. For example, you are most welcome to check Earn to Die, both first and second parts of it. Here you will drive a vehicle in a city that witnesses the most horrible times ever – zombie apocalypse. With your mighty car, you will rush through the crowds of these filthy creatures to finally leave the town and get to the place where you can continue safe living. Have no mercy for them! Or maybe you are fond of mysterious stories about the aliens from other planets and unknown parallel worlds? No problem, we have plenty of such title here. Surely, the most awaited and popular is Doom and you will get a free access to the entire series including the latest one. Here you will take you gun and fire cruel monsters until they are all gone. In most horror titles, it is you to survive or they to tear you in pieces, so don’t give those monsters a chance!

Also, you will find numerous survival games that depict stories about the lost characters who have to deal with the horrors of the outside world flooded by post-apocalyptic creatures. What is more, you will try to escape from the closed space like mansions and houses where you are entrapped with evil spirits and creatures from hell. Maniacs, psychosis, the undead, vampires, and other enemies are waiting for you to defeat them all. Escape the Ayuwoki as well as new part of Angry Neighbor will surely gladden fans of the genre. Do your best, take your weapons, and stay calm when you see a monster running at you. You need to be cold-blooded to deal with the horrible monsters that will meet you in each of the horror games. Learn more about their peculiarities and behavior to kill them more efficiently. And yes, as we have already mentioned, the best thing about these game is that they are absolutely free to play. You can enter this site at any time of day and night, click any title you prefer to play, and enjoy it as long as you want. Everything is at your disposal. Don’t forget that we provide new titles pretty often, so bookmark this resource and the best entertainments will always be at hand. Good luck and happy apocalypse to you!