Bendy and the Ink Machine 2020

Game information

Old-school animation looks a bit creepy if you look at it today. The first Disney cartoons are a bit frightening and it is hard to say why. However, there is something strange in their aesthetics, movements of characters, and even plots sometimes. The developers of the game called Bendy and the Ink Machine has resolved the mystery of old-school cartoons being that thrilling. They have created a marvelous game about Bendy, a real ink monster, an alive character, who leaves the sheets of paper and find himself in the real world. However, the worlds mix here in a more complicated manner – people appear in the cartoons while animated characters become real.

The game is marked as a horror, but it is not actually frightening. It is beautiful and well-done. The atmosphere is a bit blood-chilling and the plot might make anyone anxious, but there are no horrifying creatures here or jumpscares. This one is for those who value the art in games above everything else. If you do, then Bendy will become your most favorite title for sure. Play for an artist who has created an entire world, but forgot about it. With time, the world will absorb him and the adventures will start… Get into the game now and have a good time!

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