FNAF 2020



Game information

Freddy bear is happy to welcome all guests that come to his pizzeria. This is the best and the most popular place in town – a cute and cozy cafeteria with delicious Italian pizza. The main feature of this restaurant is that here you can meet a pack of cute animatronics – they are mechanical animals with large bright eyes and fluffy bodies. They look adorable, play games with kids, and sing songs. From the first sight, you can tell that Freddy’s pizzeria is an idyllic place. This is how you thought from the very beginning. Nothing seemed anyhow bad to you when you decided to work as a night watchman at this place. However, very soon you found out that the pizzeria has a terrible secret.

The secret is that animatronics are not what they seem to be. They are monsters and killers, who become crazy when the night comes. You are unlucky to meet them in this terrifying image. And God knows why, but they feel extremely aggressive about you. They will attack and try to scare you to death during five ling and terrible night full of anxiety and fear. The previous parts of the game give you some hints about the reason for such a punishment you have to experience over and over again. Each new game takes you a bit closer to a final revelation. So in this new part of the series launched in 2020, you will find out more about this strange hellish story. Also, you will meet new animatronics and test new game features, so if you are a horror-fan, you should try it right now!

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