Hello Neighbor 2020



Game information

Do you know your neighbors really well? In most cases, you don’t. All communication we usually have with them is pretty limited – you meet them somewhere in the yard, say “hello”, and maybe exchange a couple of phrases about the weather. However, do you know what kind of person is standing in front of you at that moment? What are his or her psychological traumas, problems, guilt? Maybe, he or she has some secrets… and maybe these secrets would make your blood chill in your veins. In the game we have prepared for you, you will have to face a neighbor who has something to hide. Your task is to find out what is that and try to prevent the horrible crimes.

In 2020, the new part of famous Hello Neighbor gets on your screens. Here you will have to complete another mission to reveal the secrets of a person, who lives next door. You wouldn’t do anything like that, but at some point you have realized that he has something to hide in his basement. The new part of the game is more advanced. The neighbor is now smarter and he can easily predict your actions, especially if you did something like that before. Also, the psychology of the game becomes deeper, so you will have a chance to dive into the broken lives of people and their families.

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