Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

Game information

Hello Neighbor is an adventure with elements of horror that challenges you to sneak into the opponent’s house unnoticed and unravel its dark secrets. The story starts when you get suspicious of your neighbor’s reserved and gloomy lifestyle. Every day he descends into the basement and spends most of his time here without coming out for a break or even for a sleep. Perhaps he is busy with a groundbreaking scientific invention or follows a mysterious cult – that doesn’t matter, you just can’t stand the urge to find out.

Now that you decided to trespass and discover what’s hidden in the basement, there is no doubt this idea is highly dangerous. The house is full of traps and the neighbor isn’t particularly fond of uninvited guests. You need to be as careful and quiet as you can or you might never get out… Find ways to avoid the threat, divert the neighbor’s attention by using items you’ll find in the rooms and run for your life if you’re exposed!It’s a good thing you have plenty of attempts to reach your goal. But the neighbor will learn from what happened as well. He’ll remember everything you did last time and will use it against you to predict your actions. That requires you to keep thinking of new strategies and tricks to outsmart the AI. And this is why Hello Neighbor is so thrilling despite the fact that the location remains unchanged. Play this fascinating game online and find out for yourself!

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