Game information

In Zoonomaly, players are plunged into a once-ordinary zoo now overrun with creatures of the unknown. This horror-themed game combines elements of puzzle-solving within an expansive, open-world setting. Players are not bound by a linear path, offering the freedom to choose their own route to uncover the mysteries that lie within. The primary objective is to navigate through this transformed zoo, uncovering the root of the monstrous takeover by collecting pieces of a scattered key.

Navigating the Menace

The game environment encourages exploration, presenting players with a variety of challenges including puzzles hidden within animal enclosures, mazes, and unexpected encounters with the zoo’s new monstrous inhabitants. Survival hinges on the player’s ability to avoid these creatures, as they cannot be defeated by conventional means. Armed with the Bloom O’Bang, a tool capable of halting monsters in their tracks and revealing unseen dangers, players must strategize their use of this device to navigate safely through the zoo.

Collecting key shards is crucial for progress, with each piece bringing players closer to unlocking the mystery behind the zoo’s eerie transformation. Solving the puzzles within each enclosure not only tests players’ wit but is essential for gathering all the shards needed to access the heart of the anomaly. Zoonomaly challenges players to use their intellect and instincts to survive and solve the puzzle of the zoo gone awry.

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