Hello Neighbor Alpha 5



Game information

Hello Neighbor is a game that does not make you jump on the spot from fear, but still tickles your nerves to a great extent. The goal of the hero is to sneak into the house of his neighbor, whom he suspects of murder and torture. What allows him to judge so is the strange behavior of the neighbor who does not communicate with anyone and mostly sits within four walls, along with strange sounds and cries from the basement. Knowing that the police will hardly believe him without serious evidence, the hero decides to independently investigate this mystery. He sneaks inside a huge mansion, in which the neighbor lives, but what a bad luck – the very person he is so afraid of bumping into seems to be at home. Now added to the search for evidence is also the task to go unnoticed. After all, if the neighbor catches you, you won’t end up well. You will again find yourself in your apartment and will have to repeat all the hard way you just made. But this time the neighbor will be able to predict what you will do and will take appropriate measures. For example, put up traps and alarms. However, you can also use tactical tricks, diverting the attention of your pursuer with various actions and using objects of the interior. How many attempts will you need to get to the cherished door?

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