FNAF Security Breach



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Are you ready for a new chapter of the gripping horror story known all over the world as Five Nights at Freddie’s? This time the events will revolve around another character. You might have meet her in the previous games – it’s a young girl in the costume of a white rabbit named Vanessa. Why has she became the central hero and why is she playing the key part in the new adventure? You can find that out playing FNAF Security Breach on our site!

Don’t follow the white rabbit!

You can easily recognize Vanessa by the way she looks. Her main attribute is a rubber mask in the form of a rabbit head that she made with her own hands. The scary red eyes with black pupils and the creepy half-smile can really scare you if you meet this girl in the dark hall of Freddie Fazbear’s. This time, however, you’ll have an even larger building to explore because the famous pizza house has expanded into Mega Pizzaplex. There are plenty of good places where you can hide from danger, but that also means you need to watch out even more carefully because the animatronics also have more chances of laying an ambush in one of the dimly lit corners of the complex. So if you suddenly see Vanessa approaching you with her knife laid bare, you shouldn’t wonder what her intentions are. It’s clear she wants your blood and you’d better run as fast as you can!

So who is Vanessa and what is her connection to the evil toys? It turns out she was the very person who designed processors for them. However, a terrible thing happened to her. Her body was captured by a vile spirit who started controlling her actions. Ever since, the girl was behaving very strangely. That was quickly noticed by the management and they detached her from work because they were afraid she went crazy. However, Vanessa didn’t stop there. Driven by the spirit inside her, she sneaked into the room where all the cursed processors were stored and stole them to insert into new animatronics and thus infect even more toys. Now her plans include making every mechanical doll in the city into a mortally dangerous beast. One of the people who risks losing their life in the process is you!

Hide, run, stay alive!

In FNAF Security Breach, you’ll be running away not only from a horde of outrageous animatronics, but also from Vanessa who really wants you dead. You are yet about to find out what exactly about you enrages her so much. But right now you have to take care of more pressing concerns – that is, saving your skin. That includes making your way around the building very quietly trying not to alert the damned toys and give away your presence. If you see any of your enemies dangerously close, you need to either sit still in a hope that the monster will pass by or hurry up to your feet and rush as far away from the threat as possible! It’s useless to try and fight your enemies – they can’t be killed. But you have a chance for survival if you avoid their clutches until the first break of dawn. This nightmare will last for five nights in a row. Will you be able to pass the trial?

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