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Horror games that feature a jumpscare element keep you thrilled and alarmed all the time. When you play a game of that kind, you expect that a monster will appear at any moment and that is why you are under pressure all the time. This might be the secret of their popularity – these games don’t let you get relaxed for a single moment. One of the best and most popular jumpscare games surely is FNaF. This is a pretty extensive franchise and the new parts continue to appear. If you have been expecting for the ninth part of FNaF – get ready to jump in! We have already uploaded it on this resource. Enter the game and get ready to meet new animatronics who want to play some deadly game with you.

So the principle is the same as you know it from all the parts you have already tried. As a watchman in Freddy’s café, you are sitting the whole night long in a locked room. Your aim is to take care of the pizzeria when nobody is here. The problem is that animatronics change radically when the night comes. During the day time, these animals are cute and nice, they play with visitors and behave gently. However, once the night time comes, they become monsters and strive to kill people. Unfortunately, you are the only human being there and as such – their only victim. Hang on, the crazy nights are waiting for you! Robotic animals are cunning and they will try to enter your room in different ways. With time, the number of animatronics attacking you at once will grow, so hold on! You cannot fight with them – there are no weapons available. Everything you can is to hide and sit in your room shivering from fear. Block the entrances and make sure to do that smartly – predict which entrances they are up to use and don’t let this happen. If they do enter, you are dead!

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