Final Nights 4



Game information

The horror title where animatronics will meet you again is a real delight for all fans. Here you will find yourself in the well-known café with mechanical animals. There are two time periods you will experience – the first one is a distant past, year 1973. The second one is 2017. These two stories are different but both take place at the same location. In the chapter first, which happens in the past, you play for one of the café founders – Henry. He and his partner Afton decided to open a nice restaurant where families can have rest and eat something tasty. The café’s main feature is a team of robotic animals – cute and adorable. However, very soon you will find out their secret and realize that they are actually monsters.
The second part is about a man called Max and he is an expert of paranormal activities. His task is to find a person who has disappeared years ago – Henry, the one you have played for in the first chapter. The café is now abandoned and the location looks dark and lonely. You will have to investigate the old case and find the reason why this place has such a gloomy fame. The title is based on the point-and-click format. You will have to deal with numerous puzzles using the mouse. The investigations take place at night – every new night brings another session of puzzles.

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