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You cannot have enough of nights with animatronics! Welcome to the new part of the series – FnaF 8! The madness goes on and you are locked in a pizzeria with robotic animals again. You need to start alive no matter what and try to keep yourself safe before the sun rises. There are five horrible nights waiting for you once again and animatronics become more and more evil. It seems like you have a really bad karma! The animals will wander around your cabinet and will try to enter it using any kind of entrance, from doors to a whole in a ceiling. You are left one on one with monsters and there is nobody on earth to envy such a destiny. They are somewhere near, trying to enter the room and then – boom! You are dead. They have a great ability to scare people to death, so none of their victims ever stay alive! Don’t let them come into the room at any cost!

So if you remember the pre-history, animatronics are cute robots – bears, chickens, rabbits, foxes, etc. The main animatronic is Freddy. He is a large bear and the owner of the pizzeria. All the rest of the animals are working for him here. Their duty is to cheer up the visitors, play with them, sing songs, dance, and have fun in all imaginable ways. However, there is something wrong with these cheerful guys, because they change to opposite when the night comes. At the dark time, they want to kill, frighten, and do nasty things to people. You are an unlucky night watchman forced to stay with the wild animatronics and keep things in order when nobody else is there. However, something that is really out of order are animatronics! It is hard to say whether they are so aggressive because of you or whether they attack anyone. Is this your punishment for the sins of the past? Or are you just an unhappy poor guy? The game plot revealed in the previous parts suggest that you have done something really bad time ago, as well as your father. Now you have to suffer for your wrong deeds and animatronics are here to punish you. No matter what is the truth, you should survive at all costs and make it till morning.

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