Game information

The third part of watchman’s adventures in the nightmarish pizzeria with hostile animatronics takes places 30 years after the first episode of the game. Now, this is a bit different story to experience. Unlike previous series of Five Nights at Freddy’s where you were sitting is a small room locking the right doors and blocking other enters with correct timing, this one doesn’t feature any of such actions. Here you will have to rely on your ears and intuition to stay alive because the enemies will attack in the dark. Still, they are no less furious than they were 30 years before. Maybe, they are even more dangerous and cruel now, so beware.
Instead of the cameras located in the restaurant that helped you in the previous parts, now you have a maintenance system at your disposal so make sure to track it and reload when needed. The reload is necessary for those parts that go offline in a sudden. In this part, Freddy’s restaurant is already closed and the events of the past are only memories and creepy rumors now. The city dwellers were children when the Freddy’s cafeteria was popular. However, after all these years, the pizzeria’s owners decide to renew the legendary place and arrange an attraction that provides authentic experience. Unfortunately, this one will remind of the scary nights with animatronics too much. Is there something left here or the place is just an old ruin? From the first glance, it seems that there is nothing interesting left here. The shells are empty and nothing reminds about the old days. However, there is a mysterious discovery waiting for you. This is an animatronic. Try to deal with it and survive!

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