Game information

Freddy’s Pizzeria is open again! All the city dwellers love this cozy place, where funny and joyful animatronics are always glad to see them. Children come to this place with their parents and have a really good time singing, dancing, and enjoying the most delicious pizza in the city. Freddy is the main animatronic – a large teddy bear with a top hat and a tie. He is a real favorite with the public. Mike Schmidt, the main character of the game, is going to work as a watchman in this pizzeria again. Well, as it was before, the restaurant looks idyllic at the day-time and turns into a real nightmare when the night comes. What is more, this is a personal Mike’s nightmare with new creatures and fear to torture him till dawn.

If you don’t want to become a victim of creepy toy-like creatures fond of jumpscaring everyone they meet on their way, then make sure that you will make the most of the cameras you have at your workplace. You will see the animatronics’ moves and spy on them to mark every step. However, despite the fact that cameras are helpful, you will have to rely on your ears mostly. When you hear any strange creaks, rustles, and rasps, hurry up and put a Freddy-bear’s mask on your face. This will hoodwink the monsters and save your life. Don’t forget to watch the battery – once the level is too low, your main enemy – the real Teddy – will find you and scare you to death.

Make sure that you watch every animatronic robot carefully and learn to predict their behavior. They are all different and do have different reasons to start their bloody hunt on you. You can watch them carefully and find the common factors. By the way, most of them can be calmed down and stopped even before they make a step into your small room. So be careful and try to survive till morning.

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