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Freddy and his friends are waiting for you to visit their pizzeria! Do you want to have some fun with cute animatronics? They can sing, dance, play different games and… kill people! These animals are really cute from the first glance: they remind of large soft toys and the first wish one might have when seeing Freddy is hugging him. Yes, this is how these bloodthirsty predators are perceived! Don’t let them fool you – they are real demons inside. And you are here to discover all the nightmares they have prepared for you. Welcome to the tenth part of the famous horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s! This is the tenth part of the series and you will witness another terrifying story with animatronics. Hopefully, you will stay sane after playing this game – it is thrilling as hell!

The story behind the game is well-known. You are a pizzeria watchman now. After finding a job like this, you thought that you will finally live a better life. You didn’t know that a real horror is waiting for you at this strange place. Nobody could suspect anything like that! The calmest place on earth where parents and their children have a rest turns into a hellish place when the night comes. The demonic robots will chase you and they will kill you after getting too close. Unfortunately, you cannot struggle with them. The only way to avoid a deadly collision is to close the doors, windows, ventilation, and other entrances to a room you are in. Pray for your life – the animatronics are already starting their bloody hunt. The victim is you. Some fans claim that the real backbone of the story is that the main character really is in hell – he was an evil person during his life and now the animatronics are punishing him as the demons. There is no official confirmation of this version, but if you think about it for a while, then everything in the game will start seeming logical and clear. Good luck and try to avoid collisions with animatronics, no matter who they are!

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